As we are heading into two weeks of school holidays, we spent some time this week learning a new song and reviewing the Bible timeline we have been covering. The team was super impressed with the kids this week. We had outreach kids retelling the message of the key significant stories of Bible history and our year one kids also showing us how on the ball they are! What we are seeing already in just Genesis alone is the pattern of sin and redemption; the refusal of man to acknowledge God, to KNOW God and to simply trust and follow the will of God leads to much trouble, but in it God’s continual never failing desire for our redemption and our good is clear.

Check out the timeline we have been covering with the kids and see what your kids can remember. Also check out the new Kids’ church song, ‘This Little Light of Mine’ by Nate Bristol. A great song for our well named kids’ church group, Sparks!

Sparks bible timeline

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