IUJP9OI22ISunday’s message touched upon some key theological concerns: faith and unity. And the prophetic words spoken before Pastor Gerry’s message covered four key aspects:

 > Faith

> The Word

> Unity

> Holiness

The prophetic words spoken,

“Let faith arise! Faith says, ‘God is taking us through this!’

 “Seek the Lord for the specific Word to pray, as it will be as a poison tip in the arrow against the enemy.”

 “As Nehemiah worked in unity to build the wall, so the Lord is calling His people to be united with Him and the body.”

 “Be holy unto the Lord and you will be an arrow in His hand.”

Ps Gerry spoke on ‘God’s cloud of glory’; where every provision of healing, deliverance and salvation is present, and which is the glory of God on us. It is under the cloud of glory that faith arises and His people shine.

Jer 4:3 tells us to break up the fallow ground, or circumcise our hearts. We tend to try to sow the Word of God into fallow ground where hearts are hard and bringing failure. It is time to look at our hearts and get passionate. God wants to work in our lives, our families and in our work. Let the passion of God fire our hearts.

However, we must be under His cloud of glory and we must be in one spirit. John 17:21 challenges us in that the world will not believe that the Father sent Jesus unless we are in unity. When the world sees the church as one body, they’ll say that’s Christ. We must ‘do’ this word. Be in unity, come together in the unity of the Spirit. Then the church will see Christ!

Furthermore,  John 13:35 tells us that our love for one another will show that we are Christ’s disciples. It is the key to evangelism. We must learn to be one body of believers, to value the diversity God’s given us, and recognize that He is the same Spirit. There should be no schism in the body, and no partiality.

So we must ensure we are working with God and not for Him. The apostolic people work with people in lowliness, meekness, long suffering, forbearing one another and forgiving one another. Keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace.

Have a blessed week.