isaac-meeting-rebecca-by-friedrich-bouterwek This is a wonderful story of the importance of prayer and trust in God. Abraham was old and wealthy, his wife Sarah had passed away and Isaac, the promised son was single. Abraham was concerned about Isaac finding a wife before he died and sent his key servant on a mission back to his home town to find a wife. It was important that the young lady was from the Israeli tribe and had faith in God.

Ten camel laden with gifts and a long journey to Nahor found the servant wondering how he would find the right girl for his master. And what does he do, he prayed. Such a great example for us. He prayed for the right spouse for Isaac and God answered the prayer. The Bible tells us that Isaac loved Rebecca. What an answer to prayer. Check out the clip to the right for the lil clip for this weeks lesson.

IMG_5909In Sparks Kids’ Church this week, we spent time talking about the quality characteristics found in individuals; mums, dads, friends and in a wife/husband. This weeks lesson about Isaac and Rebecca helped give some light on what’s most important. The kids then prayed in small groups and wrote down their prayers and attached them to our prayer wall. What a wonderful thing to do; pray for the big things ahead, for God’s will to be done.

For further reading: Isaac & Rebecca: Story of Divine Providence

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