weeks story begins with a wife who has no children, a barren womb. Isaac prays for his wife, for children, for the promise of God to be fulfilled and his prayers are answered with twin boys, Jacob and Esau. These twins are clearly not identical and were different on many levels. Rebecca was told by the Lord before her boys were born,

“Two nations are in your body. Two tribes that are now inside you will be separated. One nation will be stronger than the other. The older son will serve the younger one.” Genesis 25:23

We watched the ‘God’s Story’ Clip to the right about Jacob and Esau and how in it all, God’s purposes and plans are fulfilled despite our human inclination to fast track God’s plan and to not trust God’s hand in situations. Within this story there is clear deception, lack of faith in God, broken relationships, anger, loss and heartache. There is no one character in the story that did not demonstrate character failure. The good news is that God makes a way for His purposes to be fulfilled.

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