How precious are our children! We believe that teaching children to know and love God and others takes place in both the home and in church. For this reason we seek to partner with parents, helping to disciple hearts and minds for Jesus.

We want all of our children to feel welcome and loved, that they are a crucial and very important part of the body of believers.

We aim to deliver an effective program to help our children receive Jesus into their lives. The program is centred on the Word of God and we strive to deliver the message of Christ and to provide an environment in which it can be favorably received.

Our greatest emphasis is on leading children to respond to the hope found in the saving Grace of Jesus.


Our Vision in essence is:

  • To transform children’s lives through the gospel.
  • For our children to know the Word of God, to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour, to have firm faith and to know why they believe.
  • For our children to recognise that God has a Kingdom plan and a purpose for their life.
  • For our children to recognise that God has given them gifts and talents that He wants them to use to bring glory to Him.
  • For our children to have hearts to serve in their communities, to be the light!
  • To inspire children to become active in church life and to want to serve others..
  • To impact our community in such a positive way through children and families we have the privilege to serve and impart to..
  • To provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment for the children.

Story of Abraham at Kid’s Church

The kids meet Abraham this week in Kids' Church, well they get to meet our in house young Abraham and here who he was named after. And best of all the Sparks Kids got to bounce around to a really cool version of 'Father Abraham'. Loved that song as a kid and what fun...

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The Tower of Babel at Kids’ Church

Gen 11:9. "The Lord mixed up the language of the whole world there. That's why the city was named Babel. From there The Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth." NIRv This week we watched a fun clip about a significant Bible story following the world wide...

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Noah’s Ark In Kids’ Church

Isn't it amazing to see the size of Noah's Ark in contrast to the Titanic. This weeks lesson was all about Noah and the ark that Noah built. We looked at a couple of current day 'Noah's Arks', one built in the Netherlands and one under construction in the USA. Check...

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